25 November 2014

The following is a summary of a media release from the press secretary of the Czech Republic Ministry of Health

The Czech Republic press secretary of the Ministry of Health released information detailing the position of homeopathy and complementary medicine within the country. Pertaining to recent discussions, law No. 372/2011 Sb., which relates to health services and the conditions under which they can be provided, remains unchanged. This means that only trained practitioners are able to make diagnoses and provide therapy.

Although the Ministry for Health of the Czech Republic does not perceive the evidence base for homeopathy to be strong enough yet, this does not prevent doctors from utilising this if it is desired and appropriate. There is no intention to alter these conditions, as homeopathic treatment is moving towards standardisation at European level. The Czech Republic will await recommendations to use unified rules for the whole of Europe before taking action.

The way in which illnesses are dealt with are considered a personal decision and every patient has the right to seek out practitioners who are able to provide alternative therapy from their local health department office. However, the Ministry of Health as the office of a Civil Service cannot guarantee citizens' access to forms of treatment lacking the level of scientific evidence which is deemed necessary.